Skin care

A pharmaceutical employee specialized in cosmetics is employed by our pharmacy. You can get more information about various cosmetics series and skin care from her.


Responsible dermatological skin care. Louis Widmer is a Swiss pharmaceutical company that has developed high-quality skin care and sunscreen products in cooperation with dermatologists. Almost all products are available both scented and unscented.

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LumeneLAB brings a new perspective to anti-aging thinking, utilizing background pharmaceutical industry research as well as top-level product development work. The result is the generation of clinically effective anti-age solutions. All products in the series are being developed and produced in Finland.

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Vichy skin products, which contain spring water, aim at preventing and repairing the physiological imbalance of the skin – such as skin surface dryness and the formation of wrinkles. These products are hypoallergenic and do not clog skin pores. They’ve also been tested on sensitive skin under the supervision of dermatologists. Product development and production in accordance with the quality requirements of the pharmaceutical industry – together with Vichy’s ethical operational modes – ensure the safety of these products.

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Swedish skin care series ACO contains a versatile selection of products for beauty care, skin problems and personal hygiene. ACO’s range includes both medical preparations and skin care items. Dedicated special products can be found: for example, for the treatment of acne as well as for face and body care. In addition, ACO features its own products for intimate hygiene and cleanliness.ACO’s luxurious Cliniderm series of products care for the skin comprehensively and protect it from external stress, such as the fluctuations of the seasons. In skin care, it’s important to use preparations that have been developed precisely for your personal skin type. In the Cliniderm series, you’ll find products that are suitable for normal, mixed, oily, dry and sensitive skin types.

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A Finnish series that also suits sensitive skin. The series also includes face and body products whose composition is carefully considered. Its basic ingredients are pure, and the relationship between them is selected with care. Favora products are adequate to the task and are cosmetically pleasant in use.

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The functions and balance of the skin begin with its natural, slightly acidic protective layer. Sebamed is the first, original skin care series whose pH is the same as that of healthy skin – i.e. 5.5. Developed together with dermatologists, Sebamed also contains oils that prevent drying, as well as natural, moisture-binding agents that are all researched and absolutely pure.

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