Prescription drug supply

At the prescription counters, dispensing chemists have up-to-date programs at their disposal, by which they check the interactions of medications, etc. Competent and helpful dispensing chemists guide our customers in using their medications correctly and safely.

Drive-in service outlet

As the first outlet of its kind in Kymenlaakso, we also provide services from a drive-in facility. Our drive-in service outlet offers the possibility to take care of pharmacy matters directly from your vehicle. This facility is intended for all of our customers. In particular, it facilitates handling business for those with reduced mobility, parents with young children and pet owners. Our drive-in service outlet is open during the same business hours as our pharmacy, and both prescription and over-the-counter medications can be dispensed there.

Expert contact persons

At our pharmacy, you’ll find specially trained specialists in asthma, diabetes and heart medicines – from whom you’ll get guidelines and instructions on how to improve your life habits, in order to minimize the impact of your illness.

Mechanical dose distribution

Mechanical dose distribution of medications helps seniors in particular to manage their daily medical treatment. This service is intended both for those living at home and the residents of nursing facilities. It is especiallyappropriate for folks who have many regular medications in use. In cooperation with a physician, one of our dispensing chemists checks the customer’s overall medical regimen and compatibility. The service increases drug safety and furthers the success of medical treatment. Dose distribution performed by the pharmacy ensures more time for care personnel in assisted living facilities to carry out their nursing work, and it also saves on costs.You can get more information about this service, which is subject to charge, from any of our dispensing chemists responsible for dose distribution, or from our pharmacist.

Prescription renewal

Pharmacy-based prescription renewal is well-suited to situations where a visit to the doctor is not needed. We renew prescriptions from private and hospital physicians by phone. We also arrange renewals with doctors for electronic prescriptions. Prescription renewal is a service subject to charge.

Nurse services are on hold during corona virus pandemic

EVERY THURSDAY 9:00–14:00H our nurse performs health measurements. This includes blood pressure and blood sugar level measurements. In addition, our nurse has a body composition monitor in use, through whichit is possible to determine, for instance, the amount of visceral fat and the skeletal muscle percentage. A small charge is applied for the measurements.

Preparation of medications

Our pharmacy still cultivates skills in the preparation of traditional medications. We prepare Musta Parta cough medicine, camphor drops and methylated ricin oil spirits ourselves. For individual customers, we produce ointments, solutions and sachets in accordance with physicians’ prescriptions.

Medicinal wastes

We’re willing to accept old and unused household medications and mercury thermometers. We deliver them onwards for disposal at problem waste facilities.

Sippola Pharmaceutical Dispensary

A dispensing chemist and nurse work at Sippola Pharmaceutical Dispensary who perform, for instance, blood sugar and blood pressure measurements.