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Initially, Tornionmäki Pharmacy  functioned as a pharmaceutical dispensary for Kouvola Hansa Pharmacy, which was owned by pharmacist Antti Härmä. In 1999, the pharmacy became independent, and Klaus Lindqvist acted as its first pharmacist until 2005. He was followed by Kaija Kemppainen until 2021. Tuula Lekander currently performs this role.

These days we work in Utinkatu Street in connection with Torniomäki’s S-Market. Our pharmacy is service-oriented, modern and up-to-date. Prescriptions are delivered at individual service counters, where you can easily discuss your medical care with a dispensing chemist. In addition, we have the newest pharmaceutical interaction programs, which increase the safety of medical treatment. Our service selection features a wide selection of various products for health and well-being. During pharmacy business hours, we deliver prescription drugs, over-the-counter medications and other products for health and well-being from our drive-in service outlet as well.We continuously train our personnel and develop our customer service. We are grateful for all feedback you can give us via the Feedback link on our home page.You are warmly welcome at our pharmacy!